Because of their fields of work, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Agriculture and Production are working closely, with ongoing communication, to improve competitive standards within the Province’s production sector.

Ministry of Agriculture and Production


Institute of Farming and Industry Promotion (IFAI)


National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI)


Office of the Secretary of Energy

Institutions that provide companies with assistance and support:

  • Office of Information for Business Owners (http: Provides assistance, information and guidance to start-up and business owners, serving as liaison with financing sources. It promotes business development and entrepreneurship.
  • Agency for the Economic Development of Misiones ( Created in 2003, the Agency promotes a technologically advanced, diversified and competitive production fabric, as well as economic growth. It is formed by the Provincial State, the Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, Professional Associations, and the universities Universidad Nacional de Misiones and Universidad Gastón Dachary.
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Posadas ( Created in 1943, this Chamber is one of the entities that represents commerce and business owners from Misiones. Its actions help foster economic and business activities.
  • Chamber of Foreign Trade of Misiones ( This Chamber promotes Misiones’ foreign trade by interacting with operators and entities, bringing together several provincial organizations.
  • Economic Confederation of Misiones: A second-level organization that brings together Misiones’ Business Chambers.

Innovation Fields

  • Misiones Technological Park ( This entity offers and enables conditions for the creation, settlement and development of education and research companies and institutions committed to promote technological innovation and social responsibility. Its structure builds on three key sectors: Knowledge, the State, and the Private Sector.
    Business Incubator for Technologically-Based Companies of Posadas: This entity reports to the Misiones Technological Park. It selects projects to provide them with facilities, technical assistance, consulting services and financial advice.
  • Executive Committee of Development and Technological Innovation ( Provincial entity devoted to the promotion, coordination and assistance of scientific and technological studies, research and development by managing national and provincial resources earmarked for Development and Technological Innovation.
  • Office of Science and Technology of the Province of Misiones: Recently created, this Office seeks to reinforce knowledge and technology management, along with its relation with the production sector, guiding the generation of knowledge that contributes to competitive, productive innovation.
  • Technological Liaison Units (UVTs): These are entities authorized by the Argentine State (Law No. 23877 on the Development and Promotion of Technological Innovation) to assist companies in the development of projects to foster innovation through research and development, transfer of technology, and technical assistance. They make their legal structure available to ease project creation, organization, and management: Four UVTs operate in Misiones:


Universidad Nacional de Misiones

Universidad Gastón Dachary

ArgenINTA Foundation. National Institute of Farming Technology (INTA)


Science and Technology Foundation of Misiones (FUMCYT)