The Posadas Industrial Park is a space designed to promote the development of productive activities that create genuine jobs, add value to raw materials, develop economies of scale and technological innovation, and allow companies to complement and compete with each other.

It is located in the small town Nemesio Parma, at the confluence of the Apepu stream and Parana River. Its surface is 112 hectares, accessible from National Road 12 through a 7-kilometer paved avenue.

The park features industrial locks, surveillance and security, electric power at wholesale prices, drinking water, sewage and industrial waste collection network, phone and Internet services, and a room for business events and training courses for shared use.

The following companies are currently located at the park: PLASTIMI (plastic containers), DUOMO Helados (ice cream), MIELITAS (candy), Perfiles del Litoral, La Esquina (carpenters), Proodos, Coop. (carpenters), El Alfarero (ladder manufacturer), and Centro Municipal de Bordados y Estampados (embroidery and prints). The following companies are in the process of getting settled: Misiones Open Sky (special waste treatment), LUG Light Factory (LED luminaires), Carlos E. Enriquez SA (prestressed concrete poles,) ARME S.A. (steel industry), El Abasto SRL (cold meat from “Campo San Isidro”), Aire Confort (industrial ventilation and cooling.)



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