The Ministry of Industry is the entity in charge of setting the public policies of the Province’s Executive Branch in connection with the local industry, with a strategic view in the medium and long run. Its goals include development and promotion, as well as adequate legal control over activities, driving the diversification of industries from Misiones and product exports with added value.
The Ministry’s main objective is to plan, streamline and set the political profile on industrial matters, including financing to help promote development and growth in the sector.
Along with the implementation of strategic plans in the different sectors, as well as their review and update, the Ministry seeks to take part in the improvement of the different industrial sectors in order to achieve sustainable industrial competitiveness based on the creation of value, productive efficiency, innovation, research, logistics, development, and design.
In addition, the Ministry seeks to foster the development of programs to diversify industrial products and increase production, and also drive business partnerships through economic support and technical assistance, encouraging the formation of production groups with sectorial and territorial orientation with a view to creating genuine and skilled jobs.
The goal is to drive industry and employment in the province to develop a brand within local industry and be an undisputed model in the international market.

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